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No matter if you live in Staten Island, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, or Westchester and you are looking for some fun things to do out and about, you have reached the right page. We are going tell you how to spend a fun day in New York, but first, here is what you should do to make sure nothing will stop you from enjoying a pleasant day around the city.

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Fun Things To Do In New York

There are literally thousands of fun things to do and special places to see in New York. No matter how long you’ve been living here, there are always hidden gems and brand new places that you haven’t discovered

New York museum

A Day at the Met

yet. Here is a brief list of some of the most interesting and fun things to do in New York, in case you were looking for some extra inspiration. Visit The Metropolitan Museum Of Art. For close to 150 years and counting, the Metropolitan Museum of Art has been the absolute cultural core of the City of Lights, thanks to its amazing exhibits and impressively rich collection of permanent artifacts on display here. If you are a big fan of Gothic architecture, you are going to love seeing the Gothic-Revival style of the building with its unique steps. Located in Central Park, the museum hosts the Temple of Dendur, which is an Egyptian temple that was built two millenniums ago and also the only complete temple found in the entire Western Hemisphere.

Check Out The Strand Bookstore

How would you like to visit a bookstore that is almost a century old and hosts over 2.5 million books? The Strand Bookstore is a mesmerizing bookstore with incredible stacks of books towering the surroundings that has gained its recognition at an international level. The employees here are not your regular bookstore personnel, but genuine tour guides, since their job of finding a single book title from an overwhelming sea of 2.5 million books sounds like mission impossible. However, they manage to complete their mission every time and locate the exact books you want to look at. They even have the ability to recommend books to newcomers and we strongly believe you have every chance of buying at least one book from this store, given the amazing atmosphere and excellent array of choices it displays.

Go To The Morgan Library And Museum

The Morgan Library and Museum is an all-in-one type of location, hosting a museum, a music venue, a library, and also representing an important historic site in the city. Expect to discover tons of unique book titles, paintings, and artifacts that cannot be seen anywhere else here, with some works dating back to as many as four millenniums ago, whose value is greater than most homes in New York.
The Morgan Museum hosts 23 copies of the Declaration of Independence in original, along with Mozart’s Haffner Symphony written by hand, “A Christmas Carol” manuscript belonging to Charles Dickens, or the “Paradise Lost” manuscript that belongs to Milton. Pretty impressive, no?

Go On A Statue of Liberty Cruise

In 2019 alone, Liberty Island hosted no less than 4.2 million tourists. The island measures 14 acres in total and it is located south of the lower Manhattan area, on the resting spot of the famous Statue of Liberty. You won’t have to worry about being asked to pay any fees to visit Liberty Island, but you will need to cover a fee for your round-trip ferry ride using one of the companies that offers these cruises. Book a ride and stop on Ellis Island, which also belongs to the national park here along with the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration.

It is possible to visit the Statue of Liberty’s crown or pedestal, but you will need to do some planning beforehand for this. The number of available tickets is limited every day and all tickets usually sell out a few weeks and sometimes months in advance. Keep in mind visiting Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty usually asks for a day-long visiting plan, and you should free up at least six hours for it.
Remember to give us a call and free up your schedule so you can spend your fun day in the city while we take care of your dirty and stained carpeting and furniture upholstery.