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Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs feature beautiful traditional patterns combined with modern-day designs that create the perfect fusion of culture and sophistication. If you own such a rug and you need expert help cleaning it or removing old stains from it, get in touch with us.

H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration provides high-quality Moroccan rug cleaning services at affordable prices.

Why Are Moroccan Rugs Popular?

Moroccan rugs date back a few centuries ago, when women belonging to the indigenous Berber tribes in Morocco started to weave these rugs. Today, the tradition still goes on within these indigenous groups located in North Africa, mostly in Morocco and Algeria. However, the great majority of Moroccan rugs that are owned by our clients originate sometime after the ’60s. Nonetheless, they are still genuine masterpieces with their unique arrangements of geometric shapes, floral patterns and diamonds that can represent the different tribes they are created by. The patterns, whether they represent the tribes that have created them or not, are unique and these timeless rugs can successfully fit into any space as they are incredibly creative, elegant and beautiful pieces of art in general.

Both flatweave rug and pile Moroccan rugs are bought by tourists visiting Morocco, and most of them feature foundations made from cotton, as well as large-sized braids on their ends or knotted fringes. Their pile is made from thick and shaggy wool fibers and there are mostly dyed in brown and ivory and their variations. However, there are many Moroccan rugs that display bold designs and brighter shades and colors, with symmetrical knows and cotton or wool warps of light colors.

The sides of these rugs are usually represented by at least a couple of cords that are overcast in wool and they come in every known size.

No matter if you own a Moroccan flatweave rug which is a fine mix of Soumak, kilim, or brocade, or if your rug is made of cotton, rayon, or tufts of sequins, we guarantee to do a 100% satisfying Moroccan rug cleaning job for you with the following services:

  • Moroccan rug assessment and cleaning
  • Moroccan rug restoration and repair
  • dusting and immersive cleaning techniques
  • moisture removal
  • Moroccan rug grooming
  • stain and odor removal
  • detailing and protective coating application

Give us a call no matter which of the previous services you might need from us and we will be more than happy to schedule a cleaning job for you and provide you with state-of-the-art solutions that will bring back your dirty, damaged, or faded rugs back to their original beauty.

Moroccan Rug Cleaning: Rug Assessment

Our technicians will initiate the process by measuring the rug and applying the color fastness test, followed by a close assessment of any current problems in the form of pet urine stains or odors, pile reversal issues, broken fringes, or general structural problems. At the end of the inspection, we will create a special report and take revealing photos that will be attached to your rug’s file.

Provided we will determine that some f the stains on your rugs would be impossible to remove using our regular stain removal program, we will be upfront about it and inform you of our exact discoveries.

Moroccan Rug Dusting & Immersive Cleaning

Next, we will vacuum the rug with the help of our specialized machines that can effectively beat the rug’s back and enable all traces of abrasive dry dirt to be pulled out, along with all pet and human hair and other elements trapped within the yarn and fibers.

Once the vacuuming will be completed, it is time for the following step of our expert Moroccan cleaning service, which is the washing or the immersive cleaning. This is done by inserting the rug into our washing pit filled with fresh water and using rug rollers for squeegeeing the water through all the fibers. Our technicians will next wash both sides of the rug using professional carpet shampoos designed for oriental rugs and further use the special rollers to make sure the shampoo reaches all the areas of the rug.

We always perform shrinkages and color bleeding tests before washing such a rug and complete the fringe washing by hand.

Moroccan Rug Moisture Removal & Grooming

Next, our experts will rinse the rug and pull out the moisture with the help of a special water claw device, leaving the rig as dry as possible and thus lowering the risk of cross-contamination of the colors.

Finally, the rug will be properly groomed and pile set to the initial position, so they can run down to the bottom. The rug is then installed in a special drying room with temperature control where it will sit for at least 12 hours.

Moroccan Rug Spot Treatments & Protective Coating

Our carpet cleaning technicians are also trained to treat all known types of spots and stains using eco-friendly, non-harmful cleaners and spot removal products. We will also focus on completing any additional detailing work on the fringes along with deodorizing treatments for eliminating old odors and removing any shed fibers prior to wrapping the rug. At times, we can also apply a protective coating that will further protect the rug from new stains from liquid spilling or pet accidents, thus expanding its lifespan.

Convenient Moroccan Rug Cleaning Prices

As with any art, trust the professional Moroccan rug cleaners at H&S for amazing restoration and cleaning services at affordable prices. There are essentially two types of Moroccan rugs that can be found in most homes: urban and tribal. Urban Moroccan rugs tend to have a more narrow and long design, and are woven together with softer colors and more reds. Tribal Moroccan rugs are more symmetrical in design, and incorporate many geometric shapes, rows and columns for their patterns. No matter which of these models you might own, get your free price estimate from us and let us provide you with expert services.


To find out more about our Moroccan rug cleaning services or to schedule a cleaning job with us, contact our rug specialists today at (888) 719-3373.

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