Oriental Rug Cleaning

At HS Rug Cleaningand Restoration & Restoration, we understand theimportance of Oriental Rugs and treat each delicate piece with care and diligence. Since every rug has its own history, dye type, origin, fiber content, and amount of wear and tear, we cannot treat each one identically. With that in mind, we determine our cleaning process according to a set of factors, and perform detailed, hand washing on each rug that is brought into our shop.

Our Oriental rug cleaning process has multiple steps to ensure that the rug is thoroughly cleared of any spots and stains. After we do a careful inspection of your rug and determine how best to treat it, we will dust it to remove any dirt, crumbs and other particles. Next, we will inspect the floor covering to decide if a moth-proofing process would be of use. If we do feel that your rug may be susceptible to moth damage, we strongly recommend that you take strides to remove these insects, since they can literally eat away at your precious Oriental rug and leave it damaged beyond repair.

Next, we will do a gentle wash using only low pH balanced shampoo. Certain shampoos have harsh sulfates and detergents that are not fit to be used on a precious and expensive investment, such as your Oriental rug. After we finish washing it, we will rinse the rug, comb the fringe out, and let it air dry so that the naturally-colored dyes remain preserved. It would be faster and easier to do a machine wash and dry, but we do not want to take the risk of shrinking your rug, letting the colors bleed, or otherwise warping the design. Though our meticulous process takes more time, the end result is worth it.

After the rug has dried, we will replenish it with Lanolin oil to soften the rug. Lanolin is a fatty substance that is used to wax or grease wool and keep the rug conditioned so that it does not have a chance to dry out and break apart. If you feel that your rug needs some extra oomph, we can also apply a stain protector, deodorizer and sanitizer to it. If we notice any holes in the rug, or missing fringe, we can also offer you hand repair.

Oriental rugs, often passed down from generation to generation, carry sentimental and historical value. These expensive works of art deserve to be treated with thorough and tender care. Let the professionals at Sunlight Rug Care and Restoration restore your rug’s original luster and brilliance, through our rug cleaning services. For more information, give us a call today at 1-888-899-9383! We look forward to hearing from you.

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