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Oriental Rug Cleaning

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cleaned oriental rug in from NYC, ManhattanAt H&S Rug Cleaning & Restoration, we understand the importance of beautiful Oriental Rugs and treat each delicate piece that reaches us with the utmost care and diligence. Get in touch with us and allow us to carefully inspect your rugs and put the most efficient and suitable oriental rug cleaning procedures into practice.

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Types of Oriental Rug Cleaning Services We Offer

Since every rug has its own history, dye type, origin, fiber content, and amount of wear and tear, we cannot treat all of them the same way. With that in mind, our technicians always spent time assessing each rug they are asked to clean, to make sure that only the safest, most efficient, and non-harmful solutions are put into practice every time. We always determine our cleaning process according to a set of factors, and perform detailed hand washing, dry cleaning, and vacuuming on each rug that is brought into our shop.

Here are some of the most popular area rug cleaning services we are hired to do:

  • Advanced rug assessments
  • Dry and wet oriental rug washing
  • Stain and spot removal
  • Odor-removal treatments
  • Disinfectant services using top-notch antimicrobial products
  • Professional protector application against stains
  • Moth damage repairs
  • Color restoration

Whether you need assistance or further guidance with all or any of the services from above, feel free to get in touch with our friendly team of cleaners and have all your questions answered. Book a cleaning job with us today and let us help you take back your precious rugs, saving money on replacement carpeting and prolonging the lifespan of valuable heirloom rugs.

Our Oriental Rug Cleaning Process

Our Oriental rug cleaning process has multiple steps to ensure that the rug is thoroughly cleared of any spots and stains. After a careful inspection of your rug that will help us determine how to treat it, we will proceed to thoroughly dust and vacuum it to remove any traces of dirt, dust, debris, crumbs, pollen, and other polluting particles in it.

Next, our cleaning technicians will carefully inspect your floor coverings and determine if a moth-proofing process would be of use or not. We can also handle moth damage repairs and cleaning as we have a lot of experience working with moth-affected rugs.

The washing step of the process is usually completed as follows:

  • Our cleaners perform a gentle wash with the help of special, eco-friendly carpet shampoos with a low and well-balanced pH. Keep in mind that certain shampoos contain harsh sulfates and detergents that are not fit to be used on a precious and expensive investment, such as your Oriental rug.
  • We rely on professional cleaning brushes and only use the safest brushing movements that will guarantee no damage will be done to the stricture of the rug and the fibers and pile in it.
  • After our technicians will finish washing the rug, they will rinse it, comb the fringes out, and let it air dry so that the naturally-colored dyes can be preserved properly. While it might be faster and easier to do a machine wash and dry, we do not want to risk shrinking your rug, letting the colors bleed, or otherwise warping the design. While our meticulous area rug cleaning process might take more time, the end results are always worth it.
  • After the rug is finished drying, we will replenish it with Lanolin oil to soften the fibers. Lanolin is a fatty substance that is used to wax and grease wool and it is helpful at keeping the rug conditioned in such a way so that it will not dry out and break apart soon after the cleaning process is completed.
  • We can also apply specialized stain protectors, along with deodorizers and sanitizers and manually repair any holes and missing or broken fringes.

Professional Rug Cleaning Services Offered by Qualified Cleaners

We never work with unqualified carpet cleaners who are usually not aware of the increased risk of dye bleeding, carpet shrinkage, cross-contamination, or structural damage when the wrong cleaning methods are selected and put into practice.

Rest assured you will only benefit from truly professional, high-quality solutions that will successfully eliminate all types of stains, nasty odors, and pet waste contaminates. We strongly recommend having your oriental rugs professionally cleaned at least once every 2 to 3 years. We are here to provide you with the most efficient hand washing solutions that can thoroughly eradicate all residue, dirt, allergens, stains, and harmful bacteria from your rugs, leaving them feeling and looking a lot fresher and healthier for you and the rest of the household members.

Competitive Oriental Rug Cleaning Prices

Oriental rugs are frequently passed down from one generation to the next and they carry a lot of sentimental value for many owners. These valuable and oftentimes pricey works of art truly deserve the best treatment possible. Allow our expert area rug cleaners to fully restore your beloved rugs and ring back their lost luster and brightness through quality and affordable cleaning and restoration services. For additional information concerning our line fo work, feel free to get in touch with us and ask for your free, zero-obligation price quote.

We charge some of the most affordable and competitive oriental rug cleaning prices and we would love for you to find out exactly what we can do for you at a fraction of the price of other companies.  We also clean other types of area rugs

We possess the right skills needed to guarantee your precious rugs part of a reputable family heirloom will stay looking beautiful for many more years to come. Give us a call today and find out why we are the number one area rug cleaner in the NY area!

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