Fringing, Over Casting and Persian Binding

Many Oriental rugs are created to have fringe along the boarders, but as time goes on, the fringing can become worn out or can unravel. To prevent this, H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration provides fringing, over casting and Persian bonding in the Brooklyn neighborhood for all types of Oriental rugs.

Fringes on Oriental rugs are formed at both ends of the rug by knotting together bundles of parallel strings. If these strings eventually become worn, our rug specialists will remove the existing fringe from your rug to make room for new fringing. When we put new fringing on your rug, we use strong string or thread. The process of securing this string or thread is known as over casting.

Some Oriental rugs are made without fringe on the borders. If you own a rug that does not already have fringe on it, we can fray the ends for you to create fringing. After we are finished with the process of fringing, we will over cast your rug for you, to ensure that the fringe is attached well.

In addition to fringing and over casting rugs, we also perform Persian binding in the Manhattan neighborhood for all types of Persian rugs. The binding process provides extra protection against daily wear and tear by adding supports to the edges of the rugs. When we bind your Persian rug, the sides of the rug will be closed off, ensuring that the rug will not unravel, even after years of being used.

When our rug specialists are working to repair your Oriental rugs, we work on them very carefully, paying close attention to every detail. Our services will provide you with results that will satisfy you 100%.

For more information on our fringing, over casting and Persian binding services in the Brooklyn neighborhood, contact our rug specialists at H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration at 1-888-899-9383 today.

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