If you have a problem with a portion of your rug, it is not necessary to replace the entire thing. If you are looking for a cost-effective method of repairing your rug, at H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration we provide rug patching in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NY neighborhoods.

There are many things that can create a problem for the surface of your rug. Whether you have children who consistently spill food and beverages, a wall that you have knocked down between two carpeted rooms, or scorch marks or stains left behind by pets, you can rely on our rug patching services to fix the problem. Do not worry about the state of your carpet by thinking you need to purchase a new one for the whole room. Instead, just replace the affected area.

Our rug patching services in the Manhattan neighborhood work by measuring the affected area before removing the damaged section. We will then cut a new piece of rug to the precise measurements of the original piece before we install it.

When we patch your rug, we will work to match the color and design of your carpet with the piece that will be filling the stained or damaged spot. We want the new piece of carpet we install to look like it has been a part of your rug all along.

When you contact us for rug patching in the Brooklyn neighborhood, we promise to make the addition to your carpet look seamless. With our years of knowledge and expertise, we will ensure that the quality of your rug is not lost with its new addition.

We can create rug patches for small spots on carpets to slightly larger spaces that need to be filled. If you want to find out more about rug patching in the Brooklyn and Manhattan neighborhoods, contact H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration at 1-888-899-9383 today.

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