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Chinese Art Deco Rugs

For many centuries, the Chinese created rugs strictly for Chinese citizens and they were not always a major export of the country.  Eventually, the advantages to treating rugs as a big export were recognized and this changed the way in they were made.  Mass production became more of a focus and demand was naturally higher than it had previously been.  It also influenced the rugs’ styles because they came into contact with Western culture. If you own one of these rugs, H&S performs Chinese Art Deco rug cleaning to restore and repair these items.

Chinese Art Deco rugs are a product of this culture clashing and have become prevalent in many American homes.  Although not made as artisanally as before,  Chinese Art Deco rugs are popular because of their unique designs and multiple cultural influences.  There is no standard color scheme or design in these rugs and this allows them to fit a number of home styles and preferences.  Regardless of their use in the home, they should definitely be treasured.

A Chinese Art Deco rug, like any rug or carpet, looks its best when kept clean and restored when necessary.  However, there are ways to do this incorrectly, and we suggest homeowners rely on our professional Chinese Art Deco rug cleaning services in to do this the right way.  To learn more about what we can do for your Chinese Art Deco rugs in, please call H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration at (888) 719-3373and speak with one of our experts.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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