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Rug Color Restoration

Area Rug Color Restoration Services

Don’t you wish that the rug you have chosen for your house could always look as it did on the day you bought it? The unfortunate truth is that many external factors such as direct sunlight and normal wear caused by high foot traffic can fade the vibrant colors in your precious rugs over the years. Accidental staining, moth, water, or mildew damage could also affect the beautiful and original colors in your carpeting. Not only do such rugs look less appealing to the eye, but they can also reflect poorly on you as a homeowner.

H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration specializes  color restoration for all types of area rugs that will make them look as good as new.

Why Consider A Rug Color Restoration Service?

  • The aim of rug color restoration is to not only bring back the gorgeous colors your rugs had when you bought them, but also to make them look natural.
  • Rug color restoration can help restore your home’s elegant appearance by maintaining your rug’s color and helping you complete your interior design with your carefully chosen floor or wall rugs.
  • If you own a collection area rug that you have paid a lot of money on or you own a rug part of an heirloom that you would like to keep in the family for the generations to come, color restoration for rugs is an excellent idea.
  • The same goes for homeowners who have invested a lot of money in buying hand-made or hand-knotted rugs and who wish to successfully expand their lifespan so they can enjoy their rugs for longer.
  • High-quality color restoration will less than the cost of investing in new rugs.

What Our Expert Rug Color Restorations Can Do For You

Our professional color restoration technicians can make your area rugs look great again by doing the following:

  • carefully assessing the state of a faded or discolored rug to determine its current degree of color damage, its origins, the type of weaving in it, the source of the stains or the factors that have caused the colors to fade
  • eliminating the risk of color bleeding with the help of the correct color restoration techniques and advanced colorfastness testing on inconspicuous surfaces
  • using eco-friendly, chemical-free cleaning agents prior to the color restoration process in order to ensure the best end results

Everything You Need To Know About Colorfastness

Rug Color Restoration ServiceThe word “colorfast” is used to describe a fabric’s ability to withstand color bleeding and fading, also referred to as “dye migration”. Provided you have recently purchased a new area rug and washed it for the very first time, you might have noticed some of its colors may have lost their vivid shades and vibrancy.

For older rugs, you will most likely also notice a certain degree of color loss because of repeated washings, exposure to direct light from the sun, or the use of certain stain removal products.

Our technicians know exactly what causes color bleeding in a rug and how to prevent colors from bleeding during rug washing and color restoration.

If you are not certain whether your oriental rugs are colorfast or not, it is best to get in touch with an expert rug repair company that can easily determine any potential bleeding issues in the rugs.


Here are some of the most important factors that our pros will try to identify since they are directly connected to the area rug dyeing process:

  • Fugitive dyes. These are the colored dyes that will oftentimes run or bleed after being subject to direct sunlight. They are natural types of dyes and they are not permanent, which means color migration caused by over-saturation in the UV rays or exposure to large amounts of water during washing is possible.
  • An excessive amount of dye embedded in the fibers of a new rug will also trigger their colors to bleed when the first wash is completed. This is why it is critical to have a professional color restoration expert make sure that the excess dye will not wash out into the rest of the area of the rug by using a dye stabilizing product that can stop the colors from migrating.
  • An over-dyed rug is also similarly vulnerable when getting in touch with water. The main issue here is the dyes that have been added after the rug has been woven are susceptible to fading and bleeding.
  • Whether you own a tea-washed rug infused with brown dye for an antique rug design or an inked rug covered in Indian ink, you should only work with expert rug cleaners to handle the cleaning and washing.
  • Persian rugs are significantly vulnerable to the presence of reddish colors that make them more prone to bleed. Blue dyes in area rugs are more likely to bleed because of their overall instability, as well as the action of the alkaline chemicals found in detergents dung cleaning.

The same goes for color dyes that are a mix of blue and a different color, such as purple and green.

Our Expert Area Rug Color Restoration Solutions

We always complete color bleeding and colorfastness tests on a rug we are asked to tackle by immersing the rug in water or by or using solutions with a high pH. We will always test both sides of the rug and the inside of the fibers.

With the help of expert rug dyeing techniques, we can reverse the damage that has already occurred to the rug, improving its design and general aesthetics, while making sure its colors are not too vibrant compared to the original colors in the rug.

With the help of advanced and safe dye stabilizers and state-of-the-art dye lock solutions, we can effectively colorfast any area rug. This will ensure its vibrant shades are properly maintained, whether you own a wool or a nylon rug for which you need our color restoration services in Manhattan.

Our fully certified dye masters have the necessary training needed to accurately match and blend the right computer-generated colors to your old rug, restoring the colors to their initial hues.

To learn more about H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration’s color restoration for rugs  and to speak with one of our experts. Ask about out re-weaving service.  give us a call today at (888) 719-3373