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Turkish Kilim Rugs

Turkish kilim rugs are a unique blend of woven fibers that are a highly-regarded form of art and decoration. At H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration, we provide professional Turkish kilim rug cleaning for hand-made rugs manufactured with natural fabrics and ancient weaving techniques.

Get in touch with us today and let us tell you what we could do for your precious Turkish kilim rugs that are currently decorating the floors or walls of your homes or commercial spaces.

The Beauty of Turkish Kilim Rugs

Turkish kilim rugs that we are asked to clean or restore have a low carpet pile density. Carpet pile refers to the density of the carpet fibers used in the making of the weaves and this density is low for Turkish kilim carpeting. These rugs are hand-knotted and woven from all-natural, high-quality materials and made from individual fibers in a variety of patterns and designs. Consequently, the beautiful designs and flat surfaces of Turkish kilim rugs provide many opportunities to use them in more spaces than just the floor: sofa covers, tapestries or beautiful wall hangings.

Turkish kilim rugs are a combination of rich, vibrant colors, warm tones and bold, large designs that portray images that are symbolic of a number of different cultures. The images that are often woven on Turkish kilim rugs are large geometric shapes, such as triangles and zig-zags.

Whether you own an ancient Turkish rug, a runner or Turkish tapestry, be it a vibrant tribal Ersari piece, a piled Turkmen, or a different model, we invite you to test our traditional rug cleaning solutions that can successfully restore the vibrant charm and the depth of our beloved rugs.

Turkish Kilim Rug Services We Offer

Our expert hand washing services can successfully restore the lost or faded colors and design in dirty or damaged rugs, bringing back their charming beauty at a fraction of the cost of buying new rugs. We use the safest and most efficient traditional hand washing procedures that have proven their results time and time again, over the years. We know how to preserve the natural oils in your rugs and make sure their original colors and pile shine will be effectively restored.

Our IICRC-certified technicians know that, though similar, no two Turkish kilim rugs are ever the same. This means that we work with fully customized cleaning plans suitable for each unique rug that reaches us.

Expert Turkish kilim rug cleaning services we are hired to do:

  • Turkish kilim rug appraisals
  • Turkish kilim rug cleaning by hand
  • Turkish kilim rug repairs and restoration
  • stain and spot removal
  • pet odor and waste stain removal
  • color-run tests
  • eco-friendly, zero-allergens products
  • rug deodorization

Get in touch with us today and allow us to provide you with any of the previous services from our list or ask for help with any other Turkish rug cleaning or restoration problem you might need help with.

Turkish Kilim Rug Inspection

We never initiate any cleaning procedure prior to carefully assessing the fragility of the rug we are asked to clean, as well as its current state, including any structural damage or severe staining it might have suffered. This helps us significantly minimize the risk of further problems, such as cross-contamination, color bleeding, or damage done to the foundation or yarn. If your rug has been subject to a home flood or high levels of humidity and it is covered in mold stains, or whether prolonged exposure to direct sunlight has caused its colors to fade, our technicians will know exactly which cleaning methods to put into practice.

We always rely our fully cutomizable cleaning methods on the findings of our initial assessments, which allows us to provide extensive care to a variety of Turkish kilim carpets rugs.

Turkish Kilim Rug Cleaning

Our IICRC-certified cleaners specialize in the entire array of hand-washing and deep cleaning solutions for ancient hand-knotted kilim rugs, along with tribal, kulu, or overdyed rugs. Whether your patchwork or bohemian rug is covered in stains or you need assistance with cleaning a severely soiled hand-woven rug, we will provide you with the most efficient services every time.

We only work with eco-friendly, safe cleaning products that can be used around children, pets, and plants. Our products do not contain any harsh chemicals and they are excellent at removing food and liquid stains, pet waste and urine stains and odors, and a variety of similar spots and blemishes known to affect these rugs.

Kilim Rug Repair and Restoration Solutions

If your precious kilim part of a family heirloom has suffered a series of structural damages over the years because of improper cleaning, maintenance, or because of a flood or moth infestation, we are here to help. We can provide you with advanced Turkish kilim repair and restoration solutions that can restore broken or missing fringes with manual re-fringing techniques. Our technicians are also capable of replacing affected, faded, or missing yarn or weave patches using our extensive selection of sample patches.

The H&S specialists are also your go-to experts in re-knotting affected knots and re-bind damaged carpets that have lost most of their functionality. If you are looking for flawless end repair or seamless stitching work with the help of chain stitches or wrapping wool, we are here to provide you with these additional services at affordable prices. Over the years, we have accumulated a lot of experience fixing broken rug foundations with advanced pile reweaving methods and we can save you thousands in replacement costs.

We specialize in matching our computer-generated colors with the original colors and shades in the beautiful design of your kilim rug, for a seamless dyeing process that will make your faded and damaged rug look vibrant and brand new once again.

Competitive Turkish Kilim Cleaning Prices

Turkish kilim rugs are some of the most functional types of rugs available to the residents here. If you would like to learn more information about Turkish kilim rug cleaning or if you would like to inquire about the designs of the Turkish kilim rugs we have in stock, contact H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration at (888) 719-3373 today.

We offer free price quotes and competitive cleaning prices on all Turkish Kilim cleaning services as well as the rest of or area rug cleaning solutions.


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