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Moth Damage Restoration

Rug Moth Damage Restoration Services

Like most people, you have probably invested a lot of time, energy, and resources into making your home look great for your own family and guests. Each design decision was made with a certain theme in mind, including the rugs you have carefully hand-picked to cover the floors or the walls of your rooms. When carefully chosen, oriental rugs, area rugs, and carpets can truly complete and improve the look of any room. However, a rug that has been subject to moth damage will automatically take away from what is otherwise an impressive interior.

Luckily, we can help you by having our expert rug moth damage restoration experts successfully restore your rugs.

How To Identify Moth Damage On Your Rugs

Moth Damage Restoration ServiceIf you are noticing unexplained holes in your rug or have actually witnessed moths in your home, it is time to hire professionals to repair the damage that has already been done to your previous rugs or upholstery around the house. Moths can be very harmful and costly to not only rugs, but also furniture covered in natural fabrics like natural cotton, as well as cotton clothing items.

Although the adult male moths do not eat, it is the moth larvae that you must look out for. As they grow, they become more of a nuisance and eventually lead to additional larvae which can imbed into your rugs, wreaking even more havoc. When this occurs, your home requires professional rug moth restoration services in Brooklyn/Manhattan.

While most carpets and rugs are built with the help of a foundation made of cotton, they also contain important amounts of wool that are strung around the respective cotton foundation. Since these pesky insects are known to particularly feed on those parts of a rug that are made of wool, they will usually leave the foundation in the same state, as they will not touch with. This is one of the main methods of successfully identifying moth damage.

While certain DIY moth damage repair solutions might exist, in reality, this restoration job is too complex and difficult to tackle by an inexperienced homeowner who knows nothing about rug re-patching and foundation re-weaving. In fact, rug moth damage restoration almost always requires the know-how and expertise of a professional carpet cleaning and restoration technician with lots of years of experience under their belt.

The  H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration team is here to assist you with highly affordable oriental rug moth repair services that will completely restore your valuable rugs at a fraction of the price of buying new rugs. This is because, luckily, the process of fixing moth damage in a rug is much cheaper than repairing an entire rug because the foundation doesn’t have to be rewoven from scratch on a loom.

Moth Damage Repair Services We Specialize In

While we can effectively restore your moth damaged rugs, part of our complete solution is to moth-proof your house as well. There is no benefit to rug restoration unless you can be sure that moth infestation will not be recurring. Through safe and effective methods, our professionals will take all the necessary steps to keep moths out of your life and away from your possessions with advanced moth proofing skills that have proven excellent results every time.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • rug moth damage assessments
  • moth removal
  • rug moth damage repairs and restoration
  • rug cleaning and deodorizing
  • rug moth stain removal solutions
  • rug re fringing

Moth Assessments and Rug Moth Damage Repairs

If you are looking for quick and efficient ways of getting rid of the moths that have found a new home in your precious wool, Persian, or Turkish rugs around the house, get in touch with our professional cleaning crew.

Rug Moth Damage Cleaning Assessments

Our IICRC-technicians initiate each moth removal and moth damage repair procedure by closely and thoroughly assessing the fabrics in order to understand the full extent of the damage that has already been done by the insects. They will also assess the current state of your rug, whether it is an antique carpet or a machine-made rug dyed in natural, plant-based dye or artificial dyes, and figure out the exact percentage of cotton, wool, and any additional materials part of the rugs.

This will help them source those patches that closely resemble your rug in case re-patching might be necessary. We always run that extra mile for each rug moth damage repair client that reaches us and often times import fabrics from different corners of the planet, including India to ensure a flawless job every time.

Manual Rug Restoration

Our technicians are very detail-oriented and they know how to carefully reweave any damaged portions of a rug. They will do this manually, one thread at a time thread, for a seamless result that will make the rug look brand new once again. The sensitive nature of this repair process is the main reason why you should only work with highly experienced technicians who have been fixing moth damage and restoring moth damaged rugs for a few decades.

Each of the members of our trustworthy carpet moth damage repair team has at least two decades of experience under their belt, and they have been hired to tackle some of the most difficult rug restoration jobs in the city. Their flawless results have left all of our clients 100% satisfied with our work, which would explain our high rate of returning clients.

We also specialize in moth repellant washing that should keep further moth infestation away from your rugs.

Affordable Rug Moth Repair Services

We offer free and comprehensive moth damage cleaning, repair, and restoration price quotes to rug owners in the. Get in touch with us to get your quote today and find out why we are the most affordable moth damage repair service in the area.


To learn more about our moth damage rug restoration give H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration a call today at (888) 719-3373 and speak with one of our experts. We also offer Persian rug services. Try our rug fringing overcasting and persian binding services today.