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Rug Restoration Services

Rug Restoration ServiceRug restoration techniques require complex skills that are similar to the ones used in the rug manufacturing process. They serve the purpose of expanding the life of damaged carpets, bringing them back to their original design and aesthetics, and fixing any structural problems  preventing owners from enjoying their full potential.

Done right, rug restoration can give any damaged rug many years of extra use, saving money in carpet replacements and successfully preserving rugs part of a family heirloom. This is why it is critical to have all repairs done by real professionals who know exactly what they are doing. The Oriental Rug Cleaning NY team is your go-to specialist in all types of rig restoration services in the New York area.

Thanks to our many long years of experience working in the field of rug cleaning and rug restoration, our unparalleled work is now widely recognized by major Oriental carpet manufacturers and dealers worldwide.

Get in touch with us and let us prove to you why we are the number one area rug restoration service in town. 

Rug Restoration Services We Offer

We provide expert cleaning and repair services for all known types of Oriental area rugs. No matter if you need assistance with a new rug or an antique one manufactured with the help of fine silk, cotton, wool, or synthetic fabrics, we can provide you with advanced rug restoration solutions at affordable prices.

Rug restoration can mean any number of things – cleaning, reweaving, mold treatments, stain removal, and many more. When you get your rug properly restored, you will no longer have to deal with pesky allergens, dust and dirt known to trigger a series of more or less serious health problems. Our professional rug restoration treatments can handle any type of rug no matter what level of disarray it is brought to us. Our IICRC-certified area rug restoration technicians can transform your rugs into beautiful, clean, kempt pieces of art that you will proudly keep on display for your visitors.

We offer the following Rug Restoration Services in NYC:

Area Rug Spot & Stain Removal

Our stain removal experts have encountered hundreds of different types of stains and spots on a rug over the years. Accordingly, we know exactly how to treat each and every one of them with top solutions that will not cause any harm to the weaving, fibers, color dyes, or structure of the rugs. Rest assured that we will thoroughly remove all the dirt and unsightly spots covering your rugs and leave them rug looking fresher and better than ever.

Rug Pet Stains & Odor Removal

Our lovable domestic cats and dogs may be cuddly and cute, but they also tend to leave behind some pretty unsightly waste stains. We have developed a special multi-step approach to pet stain and odor removal and promise to get remove all nasty stains so you can go back to enjoying your precious rugs once again.

Rug Color Restoration

Over time, rugs have a tendency to bleed and fade, mostly because of accidental spilling, improper cleaning and washing products and methods, the natural wear-and-tear factor, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or high levels of humidity in the indoor air. Neither of these elements makes for a good-looking rug. Luckily, we have the skills and tools needed to efficiently restore your area rug to its original color and brighten up your home in no time, hassle-free and without causing any further damage. We can recreate any type of color or shade for your rugs and use our own dyes to restore damaged and faded colors and patterns.

Oriental Rug Reweaving

Our expert rug restoration technicians take reweaving very seriously. This means we always initiate all rug restoration and rug repair jobs with a full and careful inspection of the rugs to make sure that the chosen materials and colors chosen for the reweaving will work like a charm and perfectly match the rugs model and usability.

Area Rug Dyeing

We have learned that three of the most come vegetable dyes used in Oriental rug dyeing are indigo, madder and larkspur. We know how to restore each of them and how to successfully use them to re-dye your damaged rugs that have lost their beauty bring joy to you once again.

Rug Re-Fringing, Over Casting & Persian Binding

As the years go by, fringing on a rug can begin to unravel and get worn out. Plus, using the wrong vacuuming techniques and vacuum cleaner accessories is also prone to cause damage to the fringes. When this starts to happen, your rug gradually begins to lose its beautiful design and appearance. We can help fix and replace broken or missing fringing, casting, and binding on your rug and restore their original look once again.

Oriental Area Rug Patching

If most of the rug’s surface is looking good, but one piece is missing or it is broken or compromised beyond your ability to fix it on your own, we are here for you. We can easily re-patch your rug, saving you the trouble of purchasing a brand new one while also keeping your money safe.

Moth Damage Restoration

Moths are insidious creatures that like to feast on your precious rugs. We can restore your moth-damaged rug and more importantly, moth-proof your rugs using special sealing and protector substances so that this nuisance never comes up again.

Rug Water Damage Restoration

Has your home been affected by a small flood recently? Rugs and water do not go well together. If your rugs have been sitting in water for a long time or if they have suffered any other type of water damage, we can eliminate the excess moisture, mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors that come with water reaching a rug. Your rugs will also be professionally dried using the most suitable, non-harmful procedures and look great before you know it!

Rug Mildew & Mold Treatment

Mold and mildew do not only damage the flooring but they can also trigger an entire host of health problems. To keep your rug free of these unpleasant fungi responsible for a variety of health issues, get in touch with our trained specialists.

Affordable Rug Restoration Prices in NYC

Give us a call, get your free, transparent price estimate with no obligation and find out just how affordable it is to have your rugs restored. Expect to pay a fraction of the cost of buying new rugs with our competitive rug restoration prices.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these services or something else, or you would like to schedule a rug restoration NY with us job right now, pick up the phone