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Fringing, Over Casting and Persian Binding

Many Oriental rugs have fringes along the borders, but regular wear-and-tear or improper maintenance can cause these beautiful fringes to unravel, break, or become too worn out and eventually affect the structure and design of a rug.

H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration provides expert rug re-fringing, over-casting, and Persian binding for all types of Oriental rugs.

Professional Area Rug Fringing and Binding Solutions

The fringes on Oriental and Persian are formed at both ends of the rug by knotting together bundles of parallel strings. They tend to be affected by the passing of time, high foot traffic, and improper vacuuming techniques and they are the most susceptible parts of Persian and oriental rugs. When they become too worn out, our rug specialists can step in and effectively remove them from your rugs to make room for new fringing. Failing to tackle the problem of unraveled fringes as soon as they become a clear problem could cause the entire rug to unravel. The sooner you will hire our expert rug fringing services to stop the unraveling, the more likely you are to save your precious rug. Here is what we can do for you:

  • rug fringing services for oriental rugs
  • Persian rug binding solutions
  • hand-woven oriental and Persian rug overcasting
  • rug fringe assessments

In general, our professional rug fringing and rug binding repair work can help prevent the edges of a rug from completely unraveling, while also providing it with enhanced protection against regular wear-and-tear. Additionally, rug binding and rug fringing in Manhattan NY can expand the lifespan of any rug and add to its value, so if you are a fine area rug collector or you have a passion for antique hand-made rugs, our services will fit like a glove in your regular cleaning and maintenance protocols. If you are not sure which of these services you might need from us, or if you need us to answer some additional questions concerning our line of work, give us a call. We will be more than happy to have the entire re-fringing process explained to you in detail so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Persian Rug Fringing Services

When fitting new fringes on a damaged rug, our technicians will rely on sturdy, high-quality strings or threads. Our IICRC-certified technicians will use sturdy threads and weave them at the end of the rugs, between the weft threads. The thread or string securing procedure is referred to as “over casting”. The H&S experts have the right know-how and expertise needed to fix any broken fringe problem by creating special types of lock stitches that will prevent the rugs from continuing to unravel in front of your eyes.

Rug re-fringing may also be necessary or recommended in order to keep the ends of the rug in good condition and, at the same time, to stop them from unraveling or fraying. This is done by adding fresh yarns in those areas of the rug that have already been affected by the passing of time, pet accidents, or improper vacuuming procedures. At times, we will also manually add new fringes to the borders, while doing our best to always choose the best matching fringes that will resemble the original fringes of the rug.

Another instance in which our skilled carpet cleaners in Manhattan will recommend you to consider having your rugs bind and repaired is when the rug’s sides are starting to significantly wear out. While some area rugs do not have any fringes on their borders, it is also possible to fray the ends and create brand new fringes there. Once this procedure is completed, we can also handle the over casting to make sure that the fringes will be properly attached to the rug and stay there for a long time.

Persian Rug Binding

Besides our advanced oriental rug fringing, re-fringing, and over casting solutions, our service also handles Persian rug binding for all known models and types of Persian rugs in the Manhattan area. The binding process provides extra protection against daily wear and tear by adding extra support to the rug’s edges. When we bind your Persian rug, the sides of the rug will be properly closed and sealed off, ensuring that the rug will not unravel, even after many long years of use.

If you are looking for expert area rug binding near me, get in touch with us and allow us to use our rich experience in the field to provide top results every time. Rug binding is a procedure used to repair worn or frayed rug edges with the help og binding tape. We also rely on heavy duty fringe sewing machines to complete our binding work. Know that Persian rug binding is usually one of the simplest and most affordable rug edge finishing options. You will usually be asked to take your ick from a rich array of benefits colors and fabrics, if you are thinking about giving your old rug a completely new look, or we can sick to the original shades and colors.

Whenever we will match the colors of the rug binding, the edges will wither stand out with the help of contrast colors or blend in nicely without standing out using more neutral colors that will not draw any attention to them. At the end of the process, you should expect to see a better tailored rug design with a beautiful finish.

Rug Serging Solutions for Oriental Rigs

Rug serging or overlocked stitching is a technique that allows us to serge the edge of a rug in order to generate a design that is very similar to a hand-sewn design, in spite of the fact that it is even usually completed with the help of heavy sewing machines. Serging will usually recreate the appearance of a thicker fiber wrapped around the rug’s edge, resulting in a high-end rug look.

When our rug specialists are working to repair your Oriental rugs, whether through binding, overlocked sticking, over casting, or fringing, they pay close attention to every detail to provide you with 1005 satisfying and guaranteed results.

Affordable Rug Fringing and Binding Prices

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