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Rug and Carpet Patching

Area Rug Patching Services

Area rugs are as spectacular to own as they can be difficult to maintain. Besides unsightly stains and nasty pet urine odors, another common problem related to these valuable rugs refers to missing or broken patches. Because of various vacuuming or pet accidents, your rug might be missing one or several areas. Luckily, if you have a problem with a portion of your rug, you do not necessarily need to consider investing in a new one. Affordable alternatives exist and we are here to speak to you about the most popular of them: rug patching.

We can provide you with this efficient method of repairing your damaged area rug at affordable prices. The H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration team specializes in expert rug patching in  neighborhoods. Give us a call today, let us know what kind of rug you need re-patched and we will gladly book an appointment with our IICRC technicians.

Rug Patching Services

There are many different things that could create a problem at the surface of your valuable rug, whether they are your own investment or a family heirloom you are trying to hold on to for as long as possible. No matter if you have children who consistently spill food and beverages, a wall that you have knocked down between two carpeted rooms, or scorch marks or stains left behind by pets, you can rely on our state-of-the-art rug patching services to fix the problem for you.

Our rug patching services are provided by carpet technicians who have many years of experience re-patching area rugs under their belts. We only work with carpet cleaners and re-patch professionals who have received the certification of the IICRC authority, which makes them the most prepared people for the job.

Do Your Area Rugs Need Professional Rug Patching Services?

Most people put a lot of time, thought, and consideration when buying new rugs, and they often times choose pricier carpeting since they think of rugs as powerful statement pieces that can complete a home décor and bring more character into any room. Once an expensive and carefully chosen rug begins to display signs of severe wear-out or when something causes any form of damage to them, there are two main options at hand: buying new rugs or fixing the affected rugs, in an attempt to bring back the lost functionality and original design.

Expert rug patching services  allow homeowners to successfully liven up their décors minus the time- and money-consuming experience of having to go shopping for a new rug once again.

Whether you own a handmade oriental rug or a machine-made rug, be it a hooked rug, a Persian, Turkish, Navajo, Braided, or Belgian wool rug, we can repair any holes in it for you and save you from a lot of hassle.

If you are not sure whether your rugs can be saved or if they are worth salvaging, it is best to talk to a professional rug patching and maintenance services. They will ask you a series of revealing and helpful questions concerning the rug’s label and determine the exact needs of your rugs.

Here is how the rug patching procedures are done at H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration:

  • We initiate any rug patching NY procedure by first measuring the affected area before removing the damaged section of the rug.
  • We will also determine the exact type of area rug or Oriental rug that we are asked to re-patch. This will help us make sure that we will find the most suitable patches for proper comparison by going through our large stock of area rug patches from hundreds of different types of rugs that we have worked with over the years and search for the most fitting patch pieces that best resemble the colors, style, type of weaving, and age of your rug.
  • With the help of advanced color matching solutions, we will obtain the best results and almost perfectly match all the shades, colors, and unique designs of your rugs with the piece that will be filling the stained or damaged spot.
  • Next, our experts will proceed to cut a new piece of rug to the precise measurements of the original piece before installing it.
  • Finally, we will make sure that the new pieces of carpet will be perfectly glued or sewn into place and look like they have always been a part of your rugs.

When getting in touch with us for your rug patching in the Brooklyn neighborhood needs, we promise to make the addition to your carpet look seamless. With our long and helpful years of experience, expertise, and accumulated know-how, we can make sure that the quality of your rug will never be affected or lost when completing rug patching procedure.

Save Thousands in Rug Replacement With Our Affordable Rug Patching Services

While rug patching requires some of the most conspicuous types of repairs, we will always do our very best to find the most suitable and compatible patch matches and seamlessly add them to your rugs to make your old and damaged rugs look almost brand new once again. You can save thousands in rug replacement, especially when speaking about authentic Persian, Turkish, or Killim rugs. Plus,  if you own a century-old unique area rug that has been handed down to you by senior members of the family, replacing such a rug with missing patches would be practically impossible, so opting for expert re-patching is an excellent way of saving your beloved rugs. No matter if your rugs have a high sentimental value for you or whether you have paid hundreds or thousands of dollars to purchase them from specialized rug stores, you can hold on to them for many more years to come with our efficient and affordable rug patching prices.

Get in touch with us, tell us what type of area rugs you need cleaning, stain removal, re-weaving, or re-patching help with, answer a few of our questions and allow us to provide you with a free and fully comprehensive price estimate. The free quote will not incur any fees or additional expenses, so be sure to give us a call and get your free quote today.


If you want to find out more about rug patching in the neighborhoods, contact H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration at (888) 719-3373 today!