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Karastan Rugs

Karastan rugs are masterfully woven by blending traditional oriental carpet designs with a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. The end result is an elegant rug that can be made into many different shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular choices for the design of Karastan rugs are area rugs and circle rugs.

If you currently own such a rug and you are curious to learn more about it and its interesting history, or you would like to know how to correctly tackle its cleaning and maintenance, keep reading.

We do not only specialize in professional and affordable Karastan rug cleaning services for people, but we are also your number one source of information. Whether you need emergency Karastan rug cleaning services or you need quality water damage restoration for a Karastan rug, give us a call now.

Karastan Rugs Have An Impressively Long History

Karastan is one of the most beloved and popular middle-class oriental rugs in the US with an amazing century-old history. Needless to say, the brand has done plenty of things the right way since it managed to maintain its impressive longevity in this highly competitive industry.

The Karastan story started in the Roaring Twenties, in a carpet factory in South Carolina that was chosen by Marshall Field & Company in order to create a unique concept: an Oriental rug that would be woven with the help of machines, instead of being woven by hand. Back then, no one had ever heard of such a unique concept, and this is precisely why Field grabbed its chance at the right time.

The first Karastan rugs that were woven by a machine were brought into a department store in NY in 1928. Wannamaker’s set the tone for this revolutionary concept that soon grew into a full-blown brand. The carpet was initially called “the Mystery Rug” and it managed to e put on display at a couple of World’s Fairs, where the freshest carpeting manufacturing releases were introduced, allowing tens of thousands of visitors to admire it in awe.

The fact that the first Karastan rug was put on display in its oversized form allowed participants to actually walk on it with their own feet instead of simply glancing at it while passing it by. At the end of the two World Fairs, millions of participants had walked on the new Karastan rug, leaving plenty of dirt on it. Karastan took the opportunity to clean just half of the dirty carpet, allowing people to see just how well the rig had held up to the type of foot traffic it was subject to. The “Mystery Rug” quickly turned into the “Wonder Rug”, and for good reason.

The incredibly smart and innovative people behind this concept rug didn’t sleep on their laurels.

They kept revolutionizing rugs in the US, and, in 1948, they managed to make history again.

Karastan’s Kara-Loc Unique Weaving Technique

The year was 1948, and Karastan created its wondrous Kara-Loc weaving technique, gradually turning the brand into a very popular one among homeowners who were on the look for quality products. Karastan began to display plenty of twist styling designs and plain velvet, with added cut-and-loop effects and a number of vividly colored designs. Not only were Karastan rugs extremely appealing to the eye and overall fine quality rugs, but they were also sold at extremely convenient prices. The average consumer simply loved them, and has continued to do so ever since.

Karastan rugs are incredibly sturdy and beautiful and if you own one, make sure you preserve it using the most suitable maintenance techniques for many more years to come.

Today’s Karastan rugs feature a fine mix of revolutionary patterns, beautiful colors featured in loop styles, an impressive array of exotic patterns, various pile styles, and plushes and the list goes on.

Types of Karastan Fibers

The fibers in a Karastan rug are branded types of fibers from recognized sources and they are mainly synthetic fibers such as nylon fibers that can generate the softest rugs. This is obtained with the help of special softening techniques that can produce the most flexible strands, including:

  • Stainmaster–Tactresse nylon fibers that have been created to provide added softness to any rug. they feature a special cross-section that is similar to a cloverleaf and they have fluorocarbon for improved anti-staining properties.
  • UltraSTRAND and Karalon that incorporate an advanced stain repelling technology.
  • Wear-Dated brand–fibers that are manufactured with the help of 6,6 nylon which is mostly used by manufacturers of carpets.
  • SmartSTRAND–fibers manufactured with an organic type of fiber that is produced with the help of corn sugar.

Karastan Rug Cleaning Services

Karastan rugs have been made the same way for years, upon looms with worsted wool, which is a high-quality material that improves the strength and durability of the rugs. Incorporating these materials to create Karastan wool rugs in the Manhattan neighborhood results in luxurious designs that are impressively simple and appealing to the eye. At the same time, Karastan rug cleaning can also be more difficult due to the high wool content. Proper experience and skill are needed to clean a Karastan rug and restore it to its original condition.

Karastan rugs are a timeless choice that creates an elegant and sophisticated look for all homes, offices or other commercial spaces. Make sure you hire out advanced cleaning experts to come to your assistance and remove old and stubborn stains, including pet waste stains, mold and mildew, water damage, and more.

We can assess the current state of your Karastan rugs, perform colorfastness tests, use advanced vacuuming techniques and the safest and most suitable cleaning methods in the industry that could help restore your beautiful Karastan rug at a fraction of the cost of buying new rugs.

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