Karastan Rugs

At H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration, in addition to our Karastan rug cleaning in NYC we also have a vast selection of Karastan rugs in the Brooklyn and Manhattan neighborhoods.

Karastan rugs are masterfully woven by blending traditional oriental carpet designs with a variety of colors, patterns and styles. The end result is an elegant rug that can be made into many different shapes and sizes. Some of the most popular choices for the design of Karastan rugs – in terms of size – include area rugs and circle rugs.

The origins of Karastan rugs date back to the 1920s when they were first created. They have been made the same way for years, upon looms with worsted wool, which is high-quality material that improves the strength and durability of the rugs. Incorporating these materials to create Karastan wool in the Manhattan neighborhood provides a luxurious design through beauty simplicity, but make Karastan rug cleaning difficult without the proper experience and skill. Striking colors and designs are used in the creation of these rugs, making Karastan rugs fit to complement any environment.

Karastan rugs in the Brooklyn neighborhood are a timeless choice that create an elegant and sophisticated look for all homes, offices or other spaces. They are an ideal choice for any living or working environment.

To find out more information about the Karastan rug cleaning in NYC we provide for our customers at H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration, contact our rug specialists at 1-888-899-9383 today!

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