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Oriental Rug Dyeing

If you are searching for a professional and certified Oriental rug dyeing service, give us a call. We are your go-to experts in dyeing all types of damaged and faded area rugs. Our technicians can successfully re-dye your old and precious rugs and save you money on replacement rugs, while expanding their lifespan and helping you keep them in the family for the generations to come.

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Why Work With Our Expert Area Rug Dyeing Experts?

rug dyingWe use a fully customizable dye color mixing formula that allows us to perfectly match the original colors in any rug. This means you can expect our color rug restoration services to deliver remarkable results every time.

We use a number of rug dyeing specialty tools in the form of dedicated syringes that enable us to perfectly and accurately dye each and every individual fiber in your rugs. We also rely on airbrush systems that are meant to preserve the temperature and keep it constant, while maintaining the spray at even levels to ensure the smoothest dyeing results.

Our IICRC rug dyeing technicians are familiar with the complexity of all Oriental rugs out on the market or part of century-old family heirlooms. Consequently, they know how to tackle their sensitive details and complete the best color restoration jobs in the industry. They never initiate a rug color restoration job without first carefully assessing the size of the rug, the fabrics it is made from, the type of natural or synthetic dyes that have been used during the manufacturing process, or the extent to which the color has been lost. These factors will help them decide upon the best oriental rug dyeing solutions, while also giving you a transparent and comprehensive price estimate.

Oriental Rug Dyeing Solutions for Natural VS Synthetic Dyes

When it comes to rug dyeing, there is a longstanding misconception that vegetable or natural dyes are a favored alternative to synthetic dyes. May voices also claim that a rug that has been woven with the help of vegetable dyes would be a better choice. The truth is, it is nearly impossible to neatly divide rugs into natural dyed and synthetic dyed categories. Vegetable dyes are associated with a more pastoral rug weaving style, while synthetic dyes are more often associated with rugs produced in an urban environment.

This distinction does not really hold up though, as synthetic dyes were used by rural weavers as far back as the late 1800’s. If you purchase a rug that is several decades old, that does not necessarily mean it was vegetable dyed. In the past twenty years, the amount of vegetable-dyed rugs has greatly increased. Turkey picked up the trend in the late 1960’s, but vegetable dyeing has now been reintroduced in countries like Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Nepal.

If you are not sure if your rugs have been dyed with vegetable or synthetic dyes and you are looking for some advanced re-dyeing solutions to freshen them up and bring back their lost charm and beauty, give us a call. We work with both types of dyes and we are your go-to experts when it comes to rugs dyed with the most common vegetable dyes such as madder, indigo, and larkspur, as well as a variety of synthetic dyes currently used in the manufacturing industry.

Indigo Rug Dyeing

Indigo is obtained through the extraction and fermentation of indicant from the leaves of indigo plant. Indigo dye is responsible for creating gorgeous dark blue shades that you will oftentimes see in a lot of Oriental rugs. When you first dye a rug the color looks very saturated and deep. Subsequent dyeing will produce lighter and softer colors. Our professionals know exactly how to tackle Indigo dyes and how to recreate their exact shades to restore the faded and lost dyes in your precious rugs at home. Water damage can cause problems for dye also.

Madder and Larkspur Rug Dyeing Solutions

Madder is obtained in the process of boiling dried root of madder plants and it is responsible for the beautiful dark crick red shades that you are familiar with from your area rugs. On the other hand, larkspur is a result of boiling different larkspur plant parts and it creates those unique gold hues you might love seeing in your nicely designed rug.

Our advanced rug dyeing solutions for any of these types of dyed rugs are usually complex, but they are able to produce amazing end results. Most Oriental rugs involve so much more than a regular dyeing job. Given the extraordinarily rich history they stand on, and all the ins and puts of their manufacturing and dyeing procedures, they also require the use of specialized terminology and tools that only an experienced rug dyeing service like ours can offer.

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Color Loss Rug Dyeing Services

Factors like prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, harsh cleaning products that contain substances with a high pH needed to eliminate pet waste from the rugs, as well as bleach will normally cause color loss in a Persian, Turkish, or Chinese Art Deco rug. Make sure you avoid these elements and interferences as much as possible to protect your beloved rugs and expand their life with a few more years.

If your rugs have been severely affected by any of these problems, and you are now dealing with potential damage to the structure of the rug as well, give us a call. We can effectively tackle all types of silk, wool, and cotton rugs without over-dyeing them by adding too much color. Allow us to thoroughly inspect your rugs and recommend the best oriental rug color restoration solutions for your exact needs and bring you those popping rug colors that will completely change the aesthetic in your home.

Affordable Rug Dyeing Prices

Besides the regular faded colors or color loss issues that we are hired to fix, we can also transform worn out, faded rugs into eye-catching and bold statement works of arts by use the special over-dyeing technique or using any custom color on your liking.

Let us know exactly what you need assistance with, get your free price estimate, and check out our affordable rug dyeing prices for the areas.

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