Flokati Rugs

Although flokati rugs may have originated with the Vlach shepherds in the Pindus Mountains of Greece, they have made their way into the designs of many American homes in Brooklyn and Manhattan as well.  Thanks in part to the popularity of shag carpets and other similar styles, flokati rugs in NYC are not restricted to just one style, and many homeowners can appreciate their appearance.  Although primarily and traditionally known as being off-white, these rugs can be made in any color with the right dyes.  At H&S, our Flokati rug cleaning services in NYC are performed by rug experts who can do whatever it takes to restore or repair your valuable rugs.

Made completely of wool, Brooklyn/Manhattan flokati rugs are naturally somewhat flame and stain resistant.  They are often still made by hand in the traditional way and any rug made this way is of a higher quality.  Furniture does not rest well on them, but their shag appearance is not one that a homeowner should want to hide anyway.  However stain resistant they might be, all rugs need to be cleaned and restored occasionally.  This can prove to be more difficult for flokati rug owners, but At H&S we have the skills and equipment to perform NYC Flokati rug cleaning professionally.

Because of the intricate way in which they are made, it is not advised that homeowners take matters into their own hands to restore or clean flokati rugs.  Our professionals have many years of experience with flokati rug cleaning in NYC and know what it takes to correctly perform cleaning and restoration.  To learn more about what we can do for your flokati rugs in Brooklyn and Manhattan, give H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration a call today at 1-888-899-9383.  We look forward to speaking with you.

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