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Flokati Rugs

Professional Flokati Rugs Cleaners

Although flokati rugs may have been the creation of the Vlach shepherds in the Pindus Mountains of Greece many centuries ago, they have made their way into many American homes in over the past few decades. Thanks, in part, to the popularity of shag carpets and other similar styles, flokati rugs in are not restricted to just one style, and many homeowners have chosen them to decorate their floors.

Flokati rugs, however, require special care and maintenance, given the intricate way in which they are made. Standard homemade rug cleaners could easily damage these rugs that are oftentimes colored in off-white shades and patterns. At H&S, we have the right skills and the best equipment needed to perform all types of Flokati rug cleaning professionally.

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The Beauty of Flokati Rugs

Although primarily and traditionally known as being off-white, these rugs can be made in any color with the right dyes. However, off-white rugs are normally more difficult to clean and maintain. Our team of IICRC-certified carpet cleaners specializes in the entire range of Flokati rug cleaning services, no matter what color dye they might be covered in. Our experts have the right eco-friendly, and safe cleaning products, the most recent know-how and advanced equipment that can be used to restore or repair your valuable rugs and bring them back to their original state.

Made completely of wool, flokati rugs have a certain degree of natural resistance to flames and stains. Flokati rugs that are handmade using traditional weaving methods are of a higher quality than rugs that are manufactured by machines. If you own such a valuable handmade, antique flokati rug that has been in your family for many generations as part of a family heirloom or if you have invested in a high-quality rug from Iran, protect it with our advanced cleaning services:

  • Flokati rug assessments
  • Flokati rug cleaning
  • Flokati rug stain removal
  • pet waste and pet urine stain and odor removal
  • Flokati rug repairs and restoration

If you cannot find the exact services you are looking for in the list from above, give us a call and allow us to provide you with detailed answers to any questions and concerns you might have.

Flokati Rug Cleaning

Besides the regular wear-and-tear caused by a lot of daily foot traffic or exposure to direct sunlight, high humidity and heavy furniture, flokati rugs are still an excellent option in terms of floor decorations and their shag appearance is not one that a homeowner should want to hide anyway. While, as mentioned before, flokati rugs might be less prone to heavy staining thanks to their special stain-resistant properties, these rugs still require regular cleaning, maintenance, and occasional restoration work. This, however, can prove to be more challenging for flokati rug owners who know nothing about the particular features of these rugs and the best way to go about their cleaning as not to trigger any additional damage to them.

Our professionals have many years of experience with flokati rug cleaning and they know what a correct flokati rug cleaning and restoration procedure look like.

Given the fine quality of the fabrics used in their manufacturing and their unique construction, flokati rugs deserve more attention compared to standard hand tufted rugs. Plus, different rugs come in different sizes and weights, and you may actually require an extra hand to complete all the necessary cleaning steps, including the shaking of a flokati rug at home. Many of these rugs can be fairly heavy, which means moving them or attempting to have them shaken for dust on your own could easily cause a variety of health issues.

Some of the basic flokati rug cleaning requirements that are considered standards in the industry are metal brushes, fresh natural air in the outdoors and clean water. Vacuuming is not recommended for these rugs as it could severely damage the fibers and cause irreparable structural damage, so make sure you remember that next time you need to do some maintenance on your beloved rugs.

Our expert flokati rug cleaners will usually follow a series of standard cleaning policy steps, including, but not limited to the following:

  • rug shaking for small-sized rugs that measure no more than 24 square feet. The rug shaking is done in the outdoors and it is necessary for successfully eliminating the majority of the dirt that collects inside the wool hairs of the Flokati rug.
  • rug airing, which means leaving the rug out in the open air or in a temperature- and humidity-controlled drying room for several hours in order to get rid of specific rug odors. Plus, this step of the cleaning process will also bring back the initial oxygen saturation in the wool fibers and improve their look. However, our experts will never directly espouse a flokati rug into direct sunlight as this could cause the colors to fade and the fibers to deteriorate.
  • Flokati rug washing is done in order to rejuvenate the thickness of the rug. It is done with the help of professional rug washing machines and using a delicate wash cycle and some mild soap. At times, our experts might also add some liquid softeners to the water.
  • For the drying step of the process, our technicians will hang dry the rug and have it dry completely. We never use dryers, as they could also cause damage to the rug.
  • With the help of special metal brushes, we will brush the rig starting from the midsection and slowly working outwards. This is needed in order to create that spectacular fluff and plush look and feel of the rug.

If you own a flokati rug that measures more than 24 square feet, some of the previous flokati rug cleaning steps may differ or suffer additions:

  • the rug shaking process will usually require the presence of at least two carpet cleaning technicians and extra caution should also be used.
  • once the brushing will be completed, the rug will also be further shaken at the corners to enable the water to pull out to the surface and create some mist.

We never initiate a washing cycle on a flokati area rug before testing an inconspicuous surface on them to make sure there will be no color run problems because of natural plant-based dyes.

Affordable Flokati Rug Cleaning Prices

A well-maintained and properly cared rug will last for generations to come, which is why hiring professional cleaners is mandatory at least once a year. We offer free price quotes and affordable flokati rug cleaning prices.

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