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H & S Rug Cleaning and Restoration specializes in the entire array of residential and commercial carpet cleaning solutions for people in the area. We are your go-to carpet cleaners offering advanced steam cleaning service for all types of carpets, efficient stain, mold, mildew, and allergen removal solutions, and professional deodorizing.  We have many long years of experience that allow us to offer the best steam carpet cleaning services while removing up to 98% of all household allergens. Give us a call and let us know exactly what you need assistance with and we will be more than happy to provide you with the most satisfying and affordable services in town.

Why Do You Need Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning Services?

Carpets are the most powerful magnets for dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens inside the house or at the workplace. While they might not always look dirty or be covered in stains, carpets will almost always hide invisible micro-organisms such as harmful germs and bacteria responsible for a variety of health problems.

These allergens and bacteria will not only pollute the indoor air and significantly affect your breathing, but they also have the potential of triggering or worsening a number of skin rashes, asthma attacks, and different types of allergies you might already have.

Residential or commercial carpets that have not been professionally cleaned in a long time will usually:

  • lose their plush and natural shine
  • have their colors fade away
  • feel less comfort when walking on them
  • have shorter lifespans
  • require lengthier regular cleaning and maintenance sessions
  • trigger a series of health problems in your household members
  • cause employees to take more sick days, affecting your business productivity
  • create a bad first impression on patrons, clients, and business partners

Expert Steam Carpet Cleaning Services We Provide

Choose our expert IICRC-certified team of carpet cleaners in New York and allow us to provide you with unparalleled deep cleaning, stain removal, and fast-drying solutions for a cleaner, healthier, and happier home and workplace.

Here are some of the most popular carpet cleaning services we are hired to do:

  • residential carpet cleaning for all types of carpets
  • commercial carpet cleaning solutions for large office areas, showrooms, hotels, and other similar venues
  • organic carpet cleaning solutions
  • IICRC-approved solutions for stain cleaning and stain removal
  • carpet restoration solutions
  • steam carpet cleaning
  • expert vacuuming options with industry-grade vacuum cleaners
  • carpet deodorizing services

If your carpets have not been cleaned by professional carpets cleaners in a long time, give us a call and allow us to assist you with any of these services at convenient prices. If you need help with anything else, get in touch with our friendly customer support team and we will be more than happy to assist you. Our services are highly effective in eliminating up to 98% of all unhealthy household allergens, including pet dander and dust mites, as well as the rest of harmful elements from your carpets and the indoor air.

Let us help you breathe easier and healthier once again while taking back your beautiful carpets and saving thousands in replacements.

IICRC-Approved Allergy-Friendly and Organic Carpet Cleaning

We only work with IICRC-certified residential carpet cleaners and commercial cleaning experts who specialize in the latest industry cleaning practices and know-how to work with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and organic carpet cleaning products that are entirely safe to use around humans, pets, and plants. If your dirty carpets are installed in areas with a lot of foot traffic or you live in a city with high pollution rates, hiring periodical cleaning services is a must to remove all the polluting elements, dirt, and allergens from the rugs and live and work in a healthier environment.

All of our carpet cleaning products are environmentally friendly, approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the CDC, and hypoallergenic. We steer clear from harsh, toxic, and potentially damaging cleaning agents and keep the release of toxic fumes into the atmosphere to a minimum. All our services are allergy-friendly and asthma-friendly and all the products we use have been certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. This means you will not need to worry about our organic carpet cleaning services exacerbating the condition of any allergy-prone household members, employees, or guests.


Stain Removal Carpet Cleaning

Accidental spills, heavy foot traffic, and exposure to high humidity or water will cause most carpets to get covered in unsightly stains. We work with the best products that allow us to thoroughly eliminate up to 99% of all spots and stains, minus the risk of breaking down the protection of your carpets. We do not use any potentially damaging optical brighteners and we only work with pet-friendly stain removal agents.

Carpet Deodorizing Services

We specialize in carpet cleaning deodorizer services that can effectively neutralize all types of odors, including pet waste odors, by encapsulating them with the help of our special cleaning agents and completely removing them at the source. You can expect instant relief from nasty odors and enjoy the fresh smell of recently cleaned carpets.

Carpet Protector Application

Once we will finish thoroughly vacuuming, washing, and removing the spots and odors from your beloved residential or commercial carpets, our cleaning technicians will proceed to apply advanced carpet protector products. These will further protect your carpeting from spills and regular wear and tear, acting as shields around the fibers and preventing dirt and allergens from infiltrating deep into the carpets.

Our carpet protector can successfully expand the lifespan of any carpet while eliminating static build-ups and saving you money on buying new carpets too soon.

Affordable Carpet Cleaning Prices

We offer free, transparent, and comprehensive price estimates and charge the most affordable carpet cleaning prices in the area. Get ready to only pay a fraction of the costs of investing in new rugs while benefitting from the perks of having freshly cleaned carpets that will look and feel brand new.


Give us a call, get your free carpet cleaning price estimate, and allow us to quickly schedule an efficient and affordable cleaning job for you!