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Wool Rugs

Wool carpets have a deep and longstanding history, originating some 8,000 years ago, and they are oftentimes preferred by  residents due to their beauty and comfort. If you need assistance with cleaning your precious handwoven or hand-tufted wool rugs, give us a call. We specialize in deep cleaning and stain removal solutions for rugs with hundreds of knots and their unique designs and eye-catching patterns.

The H&S Rug Cleaning & Restoration team has many long years of experience working with dozens of types of oriental and area rugs, and wool rugs are our specialty. Find out what we can do for you in the next lines or give our friendly customer support representatives a call and let us schedule a wool rug cleaning job for you today.

The Allure of Wool Rugs

Wool rugs are preferred by lots of people due to their excellent features. Among them, we can mention the fact that wool is an efficient natural insulator which makes these rugs perfect for rooms where you wish to get rid of most of the echo effects or to keep the loud noise from the Brooklyn or Manhattan streets out of the house.

Wool Rugs Are Incredibly Sturdy

A rug made of wool that is maintained using the correct procedures can last up to five decades and sometimes more, which means you could include your rugs in your family heirloom and hand it down to the next generation. Similar to fine leather and other sturdy fabrics, rugs made from wool will only improve their aesthetics over the years, which means investing in their maintenance with the help of professional cleaners is an excellent idea.

Wool Rugs Are Comfortable and Great for High Foot Traffic

The curly textures of these rugs and their spiral form also turn them into top choices for rooms with a lot of foot traffic. Its colors do not get highly saturated with color either, and the coziness and warmth that these rugs will provide you with during the winter are additional reasons why they are so popular.

Wool Is Flame Retardant and Stain Resistant

Wool is also a flame retardant, durable material that outlasts synthetic fibers and it is soft to the touch. It has a very pleasing texture and it rarely gets stained. Wool rugs are very low-maintenance and they are an overall much better investment than a floor covering made of synthetic fibers.

It is no wonder that so many consumers continue to seek out wool rugs and carpets all these years later after the first rugs were handmade. To learn more about the wool rug cleaning services we can provide for you.  give H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration a call today at (888) 719-3373

Advanced Wool Rug Cleaning Solutions by H&S

The fact that wool is a renewable and natural fibre is helpful in the cleaning process. These properties alone help the rugs repel most stains and stop the bacteria from growing, which means maintenance is a lot easier compared to other rugs. Wool rugs also attract fewer dust mites, since wool prevents their spread and growth. While these rugs tend to be more expensive than other options, their wonderful properties make them an excellent choice in the long term.

Wool Rug Assessments

Our technicians never initiate any wool rug cleaning without running a full assessment of the current state of the rugs to make sure there is no hidden structural damage that might prevent them from completing their regular routine.

Wool Rug Stain Cleaning

Stains are usually tackled with the help of dry cleaning methods, while mild surface scrubbing products are used for maintenance throughout the year. The H&S Rug Cleaning & Restoration crew specializes in the use of eco-friendly, non-toxic products that will usually do an excellent job at eradicating all types of liquid and pet accident spots with zero hassle. Since wool is a stain-resistant fabric on its own thanks to its natural wax coating that prevents liquids and moisture from entering the fibers, we have never encountered any real problem removing even the oldest and most stubborn or difficult red wine or pet urine from the wool rugs we have been asked to clean.

Expert Vacuuming

Professional vacuuming solutions help us reach deep into the fibers and remove the accumulated dirt, debris, and pollutants, while bringing back the lost charm and beauty in the rug. New wool rugs usually shed more fibres during vacuuming, and our experts know how to use the safest and least damaging vacuuming procedures and the suitable vacuum accessories that can considerably limit the fiber shedding.

Odor Removal and Deodorization Solutions for Wool Rugs

At times, hidden pet urine accidents that you might not have known about could linger on your wool rugs for many weeks or months, affecting the quality of the indoor air that you breathe and potentially causing a number of health issues such as allergies. Wool rugs that have been affected by a home flood and that not have been cleaned and dried in time could have also suffered more severe staining and they may emit bad odors into the house.

We are here to help you get rid of any unwanted pet odors from your beloved rugs, as well as any other specific odors that might be currently affecting your rugs and preventing you from breathing clean air with expert odor removal and deodorizing solutions. We only work with environmentally friendly products that do not contain any harsh chemicals and toxins which make them safe for use around children and pets.

Affordable Wool Rug Cleaning Prices

If you have never had your wool rugs professionally cleaned before, give us a call, answer a few of our questions and allow us to provide you with your personal free quote that will not incur any extra charges or obligations. Find out how much it would cost to have all your area rugs or just your wool rugs cleaned by our experienced cleaning technicians and schedule a cleaning job with us today. We are proud to say that we display the most affordable and competitive wool rug cleaning prices  as we wish to make our services available and accessible to a large number of people.

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