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Oriental Rug Reweaving

Oriental Area Rug Re-weaving Services

If the structure of your precious Oriental rugs has been comprised because of vacuum accidents, pet damage, natural wear out, heavy furniture, or something else, our expert area rug reweaving services can help you restore them.

The rug specialists at H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration can provide you with professional Oriental rug reweaving and re-patching at affordable prices. Give us a call now to schedule a rug weaving job with us or read on to learn more about what we could do for you.


Do Your Area Rugs Need Reweaving?

Oriental Rug Reweaving ServiceGenerally speaking, original hand-made or hand-knotted oriental rugs that have been purchased or imported from countries like Iran, Turkey, or India are normally woven together with the help of special knives, looms, blades and a series of other similar tools that guarantee their sturdiness. This means they are capable of withstanding the test of time and last for many generations to come. If you have had the pleasure of inheriting such a rug or you have invested in one and you would like to see its lifespan expand, re-weaving is an excellent solution.


Even if your Oriental area rug might be well-preserved and maintained using the best cleaning practices, there are still plenty of scenarios that could easily lead to their damage. If you have recently started to notice that your rugs are looking worn out because of heavy furniture that has been sitting on them for years without being moved, give us a call. We specialize in special re-weaving techniques that can make any area rug look brand new and fresh once again, without interfering with the structure, foundation, design or colors in our beloved rug.

Heavy foot traffic could also affect the state of your area rugs, so if you live in a household with small children or pets that frequently walk or crawl on the rugs, chances are our re-weaving service would match the needs of your rugs.

No matter what might have caused your area rugs to suffer a form of structural damage that is now making you search for the best area rug re-weaving service in Manhattan, make sure you hurry up and hire some pros to take care of the problem for you. The sooner you will have your rugs weaved by experts, the more likely you are to add more lives to their lifespan.


Expert Area Rug Re-Weaving Services We Offer

The area rug specialists at H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration can provide you with the entire array of professional Oriental rug reweaving solutions in. All of our work is based on many years of experience working with the most versatile selection of Oriental rugs, along with advanced know-how and IICRC certifications proving our advanced skills and re-weaving abilities.

Our number one concern is to be able to restore the original design and appearance of a damaged rug while carefully matching our own materials and colors to the yarn on your rug. We never compromise when it comes to the right count, texture, original color dyes, texture, or twist, this is why each and every one of our re-weaving jobs is flawless. We guarantee your satisfaction no matter what kind of area rug you might need re-weaved.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • we assess damaged area rugs and establish their exact type, origins, current condition, the damage that has been caused by pets or various accidents, and staining
  • we vacuum and provide suitable rug cleaning solutions that will not cause any type of damage to the rug’s foundation, fivers, yarn, and dye
  • repair missing or damaged areas on area rugs and bring them back to their initial condition using the safest re-weaving techniques
  • rug re-patching services
  • seamless re-weaving that can perfectly match the rug’s original patterns, designs, and colors

Area Rug Repairs and Re-Weaving Solutions

Rugs that have been subject to accidental floods or home fires, extreme pet chewing or ripping accidents caused by improper vacuuming techniques could all be successfully restored with the help of our advanced repair and re-weaving solutions.

  • Our area rug repair specialists will initiate the repair process by carefully assessing the rug’s patterns and designs in order to successfully recapture the missing pieces of design and create a seamless repair and re-patching work.
  • We can perform hand rug repairs and manual rug re-weaving repairs and save your precious area rug from edge or end unraveling problems, fringes that are worn, damage caused by moth infestation, including holes, pile or selvedge wear.
  • With the help of advanced hand reinforcement solutions that can strengthen the weakened or torn areas of a damaged rug, as well as manual wrapping of side edges, overcasting techniques, or fringe repairs, fringe, or new fringe sewing, our IICRC-certified technicians can bring your dull or damaged area rugs back to life.

We can effectively expand their lifespan and help you keep them in your family heirloom for the new generation, while also allowing you to enjoy their beauty, coziness, and comfort for as long as possible. If you are an Oriental rug collector looking to restore a valuable antique Persian or Chinese Art Deco rug to add it to your collection, or you need assistance with re-weaving a rug in a room with a lot of foot traffic, get in touch with us.

Affordable Area Rug Re-Weaving Prices

We offer advanced area rug re-patching and re-weaving services for people in the area at affordable prices. We warmly invite you to get in touch with our friendly customer support team and get your free estimate today. We compile and provide the most comprehensive, transparent, and convenient oriental rug re-weaving price estimates in the area and we guarantee you are going to appreciate our seamless work.


Feel free to contact our specialists at H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration for more information about our Oriental rug reweaving services in the neighborhoods. Call us today at (888) 719-3373