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Viscose Rug Cleaning

Viscose rugs have a beautiful shimmer that makes them resemble silk rugs, as well as a unique softness that makes them incredibly comfortable to step on. However, they are manufactured with the help of weak cellulose fibers that turn them into some of the most vulnerable types of area rugs on the market. This means they cannot withstand the majority of standard cleaning methods that are normally used in the industry.  The H&S team specializes in expert, fully customized rug cleaning protocols that can cater to the specific needs of each rug that we are asked to clean. Whether you own a banana rug, a bamboo carpet, a rayon rug, or a different type of viscose carpet, we are here to assist you.

Viscose Rug Cleaning Solutions We Specialize In

As fine rug cleaners with many years of experience under our belts, we have carefully studied all types of viscose rugs, fibers, color dyes used during their manufacturing, the special weaving and gluing techniques, as well as all the chemistry behind them. We know just what could potentially wreak havoc on them, what could affect them to a small extent, and what could make them weaker and less durable.

We have familiarized ourselves with the extreme shedding that these rugs are subject to during vacuuming and we have developed a customized, dry, low power vacuuming technique that allows us to keep the risks to a minimum. We also understand how susceptible these rugs are to color bleeding during washing, and we have developed a special low moisture cleaning method that we have been successfully using for years. We can, this way, prevent important issues such as the rugs turning brown or yellow, color fading, structure, fiber, or shape distortion, and others.

These are some of the most common viscose carpet cleaning solutions we are hired to do:

  • viscose carpet dry vacuuming
  • customized art silk rug washing
  • eco-friendly, safe, non-toxic cleaning products
  • spot and stain removal solutions
  • pet urine stain cleaning
  • anti-yellowing solutions
  • expert pre-drying grooming
  • fabric protector application

Customized Viscose Rug Cleaning Solutions

Viscose is an artificial, man-made fabric that is produced in specialized fabrics and its weakness and vulnerability are similar to those of paper. It is up to four times more difficult to clean a viscose rug compared to a silk rug, which means expert help is a must, provided you wish to save money on replacement rugs, while prolonging the lifespan of your carpeting.

We know the chemistry behind viscose carpets

Our technicians warmly advise against any DIY stain removal attempts or deep cleaning procedures at home, especially if they involve the use of full water immersion practices and powerful vacuuming. The fibers found in a silk rug can withstand about 2000 stretching and pulling attempts prior to breaking down. Wool fabrics can handle up to 10,000 such attempts, while viscose fibers can only withstand 70 similar attempts. This makes art silk or bamboo rugs highly disposable; at the same time, the chemicals they are made from also make them highly polluting, and most of them reach the landfills once they can no longer serve their purposes. Expert cleaners like the H&S team can help you keep your carbon footprint at a minimum while expanding the life of your precious rugs and enjoying their charm, softness, and shimmering for longer.

Our advanced rayon rug cleaning near me services will carefully assess all the particularities of your rug and determine whether dry vacuuming or a washing cycle using a very small amount of water would work best. They will also decide upon the most suitable and less harmful grooming techniques that should be used prior to the forced drying, in order to preserve the impeccable design and posture of the fibers and make the rug look brand new.

Color bleeding and oxidation

Yellowing is a natural process caused by the oxidation of the fibers when water reaches them. The longer a viscose rug will sit in water, whether it is fully immersed in it or just wet, the more severe the yellowing and browning will be. When these fibers sit in water for too long, they are prone to oversaturate and start to “bleed”. This means the color dyes they are covered in will slowly start to fade away. Depending on the age of the rug and the number of times it has been washed in the past, the rug may be affected to a greater extent.

We know just how to prevent this process from occurring or at least limit its impact on the design of your rug as much as possible.

Viscose Rug Vacuuming

We also know how to tackle vacuuming in order to thoroughly remove the deeply embedded dirt, debris, dust, pollen, pet hairs, and other similar pollutants.

During the vacuuming, many of the fibers will be prone to stretch to such a degree that they will eventually break. This will usually occur when the vacuum cleaner will be used on “high power”, or whenever special vacuuming heads and other similar accessories will be used.

We know how to use the low-power vacuuming functions and keep the fiber pulling to a minimum.

Competitive Viscose Rug Cleaning Prices

Our experts are happy to provide you with your own customized price estimate for any of the viscose rug cleaning services you might want to hire us to do. We believe you will be happy to discover we charge some of the most convenient and often times unparalleled prices in town, without ever skimping on quality.


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