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Tibetan rugs have a rich history and a beautiful appearance. The process of Tibetan rug making is an ancient form of tradition dating back thousands of years ago. Typically made from Tibetan sheep’s wool, also known as changpel, these rugs are used for a variety of different needs, from decorative tapestries, to horse saddles, to sitting rugs. Tibetan rugs in Brooklyn typically come in rich hues of red, gold, and green earthy tones. Some rugs have elaborate patterns while others feature a more subtle design aesthetic. At H&S, we provide high-quality NYC Tibetan rug cleaning services.

Once the wool has been chosen, we let the material age for a while, since that helps it develop a silkier, more beautiful appearance. Afterwards, the wool will be spun and dyed according to the colors our customers have chosen. Next, the dyed wool will be woven on a vertical loom and then trimmed to make all the edges uniform and even. Lastly, the Tibetan rugs of Manhattan are dried outdoors in the sunlight and then cleaned, trimmed once more and packed away. At H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration, we can tell you firsthand that there is an enormous amount of work and care going into each and every one of the rugs that we sell. This is also why our Tibetan rug cleaning service in NYC is so important to owners of these precious items.

Tibetan rugs in Manhattan and Brooklyn are not only gorgeous additions to any home, but are also a valuable piece of history. For more information on Tibetan rug cleaning and all the other rug cleaning services we have to offer, contact H&S Rug Cleaning and Restoration at 1-888-899-9383 today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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